East Vancouver TKD


Fully Qualified Instructors

Our qualified instructors are energetic and outgoing. The Black Belt instructors have advanced training and continue to upgrade their skills. They have a sincere interest in your self-improvement, and in helping you reach your goals. Classes are intensive workouts and we offer exciting programs for adults, children and families. Our convenient and flexible scheduling has been designed with our students in mind. We offer inspirational newsletters to keep you motivated.

Master Tony Kook


7th Dan Black Belt

BC Taekwondo Federation Vice President

World Taekwondo Games Committee Member

Master Danny Kim

Head Program Director

Liang Li

Program Director, East Vancouver Taekwondo

Master Richard Stein

Head Instructor, North Shore Taekwondo

Master Sunkyu Kang

Head Instructor, West Vancouver Taekwondo

Master Hyunjeong Lee

Head Instructor, East Vancouver Taekwondo

Master Mingon Kim

 Master Instructor, North Shore Taekwondo

Master Chanhee Jo

Master Instructor

Master Heeyoung Lee

Master Instructor

Instructor Jazzy Saatchi

Assistant Instructor

Instructor Stirling Wallace

Jr Instructor

Instructor Avery Patterson

Jr Instructor

Instructor Kai Konkin

Jr Instructor

Instructor Lily Alt

Jr Instructor

Instructor Kaden Phi

Jr Instructor

Instructor Keren Aquino

Jr Instructor

Instructor Ellyana Baumet

Jr Instructor

Instructor Angelina Nguyen

Jr Instructor

Instructor Jonathan Jang

Jr Instructor